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Biography Theo Geerdens


Theo Geerdens  born:1943                         ( Koersel – Belgium)

As a Child I followed evening classes in the Art Academy in Hasselt. At a certain point, I even wanted to follow this as a daytime course. but I wasn’t allowed to do this, because I had no future in it according my parents.

I had to finish my High School education. I quite taking evening classes when I was about 15 years old. after my military service, I became a professional soldier, and art …? Well, I didn’t do anything anymore.

Since my retirement in Octobre 1997, I started again taking evening and morning classes at the Art Academy Meylandt in Heusden – Zolder Belgium. I have been making drawings for nine years and got a higher degree in the art of drawing with a specialisation degree in July 2008. I also have a higher degree in the art of oil-painting with a spcialisation degree in July 2016.

About my artworks: the subjects of my works are comprehensive but with my own view on things.

My use of colours is not always conventionel and dare so risky.

The striking portrait drawings, on very large size, of screaming, smiling, surprised or hidden people make an immense impression . The powerful image is enhanced by the heavy light – dark contrast.

As in a snapshot, has come to a standstill at a particular event, he catches his people with charcoal on paper.

Soon becomes it clear that his drawings become also colours into numerous pastels.

These drawings form the transition to its pictoral works.

In his paintings we see particular areas, which figures and other types of “dancing” in the composition. Bright colors in the subsurface are tamed by powerful greys. The design and the possibility of the perception to turn it into something personal, his compositions and the insight to bring everything to a successful conclusion. A very quirky style, in which he has a personal form language developed.

The works bear witness to a technical versatility, with a stroke which is very expressive, powerful and contemporary, and with a driven personality. He dares to current tragic themes, with works that are very sensitive and powerful. His paintings have the same strong expression as his drawings The series have a perceptible connection to the outside world and with actual events. This is essential for his paintings.

The works have content, and gives the audience food for thought.

Enjoy exploring my work